Device Prop Code



Acquire or set the GPS information.
(Vendor Expansion Properties)

Return to the default value when the power is turned OFF.

Prop Value

Current Value formats are as shown below.


latitude double "{|-}nn.mmmmmm" WGS84 / -90.000000 -- 90.000000
longitude double "{|-}nnn.mmmmmm" WGS84 / -180.000000 -- 180.000000
altitude double "{+|-}" Unit: Meters
GPSAltitudeRef 0: Height above sea level 1: Height below sea level
If the read value, the second decimal place might be omitted
(ex. read value: +999.00, set value: +999.0)
date-time "YYYYMMDDThhmmss{|.s}" DateTime character string
The set value includes a decimal point. It is not included in the read value
timezone "{+|-}hhmm" or "Z" DateTime character string
The only set value is supported. It is not included in the read value
datum "WGS84" Only WGS84 is supported

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