POST /osc/state


Acquires the camera status.

Changes in the state object content can be checked with CheckForUpdates.




Name Type Description
fingerprint String Current status ID
Obtain a unique value for each status
state Object Camera status (Details in the following item)

state object

Camera status.

Name Type Description
batteryLevel Number Remaining battery
(four levels: 0.0, 0.33, 0.67, 1.0)
storageUri String Storage URI
_captureStatus String Continuous shooting status
"shooting", "idle", "self-timer countdown",
"bracket shooting" (RICOH THETA S only; firmware version or above)
_recordedTime Number Recorded time (sec.) of video being shot
_recordableTime Number Remaining time (sec.) of video being shot
_compositeShootingElapsedTime Number Elapsed time (sec.) for interval composite shooting
(RICOH THETA S only; firmware version 01.82 or above)
_latestFileUrl String Last saved file URL
_batteryState String Charging status
"charging", "charged", "disconnect"
_apiVersion Number Current API version
(1: v2.0, 2: v2.1)
_cameraError String Array Camera error information (Details in the following item)


Camera error information.

Event flag Error code Description
0x00000001 NO_MEMORY Insufficient free memory
0x00000002 WRITING_DATA Writing data
0x00000004 FILE_NUMBER_OVER File number limit exceeded
0x00000008 NO_DATE_SETTING Camera's built-in clock is not set
0x00000010 COMPASS_CALIBRATION Error occurred in the electromagnetic compass
0x00000100 CARD_DETECT_FAIL SD Memory card is not installed
0x00400000 CAPTURE_HW_FAILED Error detected in shooting hardware
0x00000100 CANT_USE_THIS_CARD Media fault
0x02000000 FORMAT_INTERNAL_MEM Internal memory formatting error
0x04000000 FORMAT_CARD SD memory card formatting error
0x08000000 INTERNAL_MEM_ACCESS_FAIL Internal memory access error
0x10000000 CARD_ACCESS_FAIL SD memory card access error
0x20000000 UNEXPECTED_ERROR Undefined error
0x40000000 BATTERY_CHARGE_FAIL Charging error
0x80000000 HIGH_TEMPERATURE Temperature error



    "fingerprint": "12EGA33",
    "state": {
        "batteryLevel": 0.33,
        "storageUri": "",
        "_captureStatus": "idle",
        "_recordedTime": 0,
        "_recordableTime": 0,
        "_compositeShootingElapsedTime": 0,
        "_latestFileUrl": "",
        "_batteryState": "disconnect",
        "_apiVersion": 2

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