Quick Start

Using the Sample Apps

The sample apps included with RICOH THETA SDK enable building and operation checking in iOS SDK and Android SDK without modifying the source code.

The sample apps in v2 SDK enable you to connect to the RICOH THETA S or above and liveview and capture images and view spherical still images. They are useful for checking the source code and customizing to create new projects when you start developing your app. See README in SDK for instructions on how to use the sample apps.

About the API call

RICOH THETA API v2 is easy to implement because it has applied the API call of JSON format over HTTP. Refer to API v2 call examples such as the sample apps of v2 SDK, API v2 Getting Started and API v2 Reference for details on calling API v2, and implement each individually.

Using SDK in Existing Projects

  • To use RICOH THETA v2 SDK for iOS in an existing project, the following iOS SDK framework is required. Add this to an Xcode project

  • Administrator settings for internet access are required in order to use the RICOH THETA API v2 in the Android project. Set the android.permission.INTERNET permission in AndroidManifest.xml.

    Also, when using the network in the Android app, access by the main thread is prohibited. Access the network using a different thread such using Async class when using RICOH THETA API v2.

    private class ShootTask extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, HttpConnector.ShootResult> {
    	protected HttpConnector.ShootResult doInBackground(Void... params) {
    		CaptureListener postviewListener = new CaptureListener();
    		HttpConnector camera = new HttpConnector(
    		HttpConnector.ShootResult result = camera.takePicture(postviewListener);
    		return result;
    new ShootTask().execute();

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