Did you know that you can develop THETA’s feature?

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Did you know that you can develop THETA’s feature?

Postby theta360official » 28 Nov 2018, 05:28

Thank you for your interest in RICOH THETA application development. Now, RICOH THETA V also provides programing capability inside of THETA V under Android base OS, which you can customize features of THETA by developing a plug-in, in addition to Web API based development. With this, you have both options controlling RICOH THETA V, by Web API based development to program features on companion devices such as smartphone or by developing plug-ins to control THETA V itself. As RICOH THETA V is an Android base OS, plug-ins can also be developed with AndroidStudio. For further information, please see here. The API/SDK documents of RICOH THETA V can be reached without any submission. For documents, see here. We are looking forward seeing some of you developing the plug-ins!
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