Issue with virtual viewing in app

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Issue with virtual viewing in app

Postby byTremayne » 03 Jul 2016, 09:29

FIrst, thank you again for putting 'view in virtual mode single and twin lens' in the app to view pics and videos.
But I seem to have come across an issue. I need to turn 720 degrees in order for the video/pic on the mobile app to turn 360 degrees. ie I have to turn myself at twice the rate of the app.
I didn't notice this issue before but it's maybe started since updating my Android mobile device to 6.0?? I've uninstalled the Theta app from my mobile and re-installed but still the issue remains.
Could this please be looked into.
And still waiting for a fix for the app not to turn off display as per phone's settings... viewing videos should allow the device to remain on, regardless of the device's 'display blackout' settings.
Cheers, Tremayne
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