[HOW-TO] Showing file titles in our profile

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[HOW-TO] Showing file titles in our profile

Postby brasofilo » 21 Sep 2015, 22:41

This small user script will produce this result:

To add the script, you need to install the extension GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey in your browser:
Code: Select all
// ==UserScript==
// @name           Theta Dashboard
// @namespace      developers.theta360.com
// @icon           https://theta360.com/favicon.ico
// @include        https://theta360.com/users/*
// @grant          GM_addStyle
// @description    File descriptions
// ==/UserScript==

GM_addStyle(".my-title { font-size: 0.7em; width:140px}");
jQuery('ul.post_spheres li a img.thumbnail').each(function() {
    var $li = jQuery(this).parent().parent();
    var $tit = jQuery(this).attr('alt');
    $li.append( '<div class="my-title"> ' + $tit + '</div>' );
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