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Theta Wishlist

Postby Pentaxagram » 22 Dec 2014, 21:29

I am not a developer AT ALL, but I am a video artist and animator intrigued by the creative possibilities my new toy offers. A couple of things I'd love to see developed by Ricoh or independent app developers. If any other users have ideas to work around my obstacles I'd love to hear.

1. I'd love a way to record a set of swipes and manipulations of either stills or video and export that motion to a video file to create pieces that take advantage of the full 3 minute video limit and are rendered in a unique way - then exported as a non-interactive file.

2. As a stop motion animator I'd love to find an easy way to batch a set of stills (if I had any idea how to stitch them together in photoshop I couple figure this out). I've seen a cool stop-motion piece made with the Theta, but am not sue what steps or software they used to get from the native files to jpgs in a consistent way.
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