360 image flips when camera inverted

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360 image flips when camera inverted

Postby GliderFX » 09 Jan 2016, 01:02

I am recording aerobatics with gliders and aircraft, and the camera must have a tilt sensor that causes the image to flip when the aircraft flies upside-down.

Anybody know how to disable this function? to keep the image orientation fixed to the camera?
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Re: 360 image flips when camera inverted

Postby JakobLoveKosmo » 05 Feb 2016, 11:39

Trying to do very much the same in a jet. During higher G's it starts to move around like it is loose in the cockpit. I am guessing the G forces have that influence on the tilt sensor... Any ideas? Would love to disable that damn tilt sensor :)
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