How I delete image from Theta V?

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How I delete image from Theta V?

Postby mrKumru » 20 Mar 2019, 16:34

I am working on Theta V with the SDK v.2.1. And I wanted to delete the picture from the device.
When I tried I am getting FileNotFoundException.

I checked the document and it says I need to pass string Array contains the URL of the picture(s) which named fileUrls. After I checked the SDK 2.1 it uses only the string which named fileUri(same as v2.0).
I tried both str'ng array and string but I keep getting fileNotFoundException.

How can I use delete functionality with v2.1 on Theta V?
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Re: How I delete image from Theta V?

Postby ethancampbell » 03 Apr 2019, 05:55

I assume you have been wondering around the internet trying to find ways to delete images from your Ricoh Theta camera, right? Unfortunately the Ricoh Theta 360ยบ cameras are not very IOS friendly and have even gone as far to suspend their support to anyone who is an IOS product user. Now you can see the SD shows up in your USB menu, access the card to take the images off and put them as files on your cheap assignment writing services laptop. This is also the only way that I know of to get your 360 videos transferred to your computer without your IOS device converting the file. Afterwards, your SD will be left with only the images you wanted and you can delete the images or keep then (as you wish) from your laptop.
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