Silicon Valley THETA Hacking Meetup Plans

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Silicon Valley THETA Hacking Meetup Plans

Postby codetricity » 25 Feb 2016, 00:33

I just sent the email below to people that went to a San Francisco Hackathon we were at. Within an hour, I received strong interest. Wow, so much excitement. I wanted to invite everyone from this forum as we get so much great support from this community and I feel it's really the core of the THETA Developers group. I realize that people are international and not local, but it's always nice to feel welcome even if you can't attend. :-)

THETA 360 Camera Hacking Continues
Hundreds of demos at DeveloperWeek Hackathon and we're still getting requests for more. Thank you!

We've made the THETA Unofficial Guides hackathon documentation available online. However, we realize you may not have a camera handy. If you're interested in attending a free THETA SF Bay Area meetup where you can hack on the camera onsite, please send an email to and we'll add you to the invite list.

We'll cover the basics of the API and provide application templates to get you going in less than 30 minutes. For rapid prototyping, we'll cover Python and JavaScript, but you can use any language to control the camera with the HTTP API. Stay and build your application.

Once we have critical mass, we'll schedule the day and place. Join THETA Developers to take part in the fast-growing 360 image and video movement!
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