HELP. External Audio Source Needed.

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HELP. External Audio Source Needed.

Postby RGHolm » 26 Feb 2016, 16:35


I am a digital producer in Austin TX (not technically savvy in a coding sense at all), however I am well versed in all aspect of video and photo production. I am reaching out here to hopefully find some help and/or direction.

Next month Austin will be home to a little annual festival known as South by Southwest. I would love to use my new Theta S as a way to capture and potentially live stream a few events and music shows in 360˚ video. However, the microphones on the Theta S cannot handle the loudness of a live music show. Hence my problem.

I am looking for a software/technical solution to bring in an external audio source into the Theta directly. It is possible to 'merge' an external audio source with the feed coming from the Theta's HDMI cable using an additional piece of hardware called an 'audio inserter'. However, there are also issues with that solution (sync issues, audio already embedded in the signal from the HDMI Theta, etc.)

Recap: I would love to find a solution or work with someone to build/create a way to bring an external audio signal into a Theta S 'upstream' of the HDMI output.

Thanks a ton!
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Re: HELP. External Audio Source Needed.

Postby kosso » 29 Feb 2016, 18:59

I'd be very surprised if this was possible at all.

It's such a shame that we can't use an external mic. (For the same reason as you. Live gigs sound terrible)
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