Feature requests for in-car 360 video

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Feature requests for in-car 360 video

Postby NeillWatson » 23 Mar 2016, 14:18

I'm experimenting with the Theta S for shooting in car 360 video. The results are proving to be frustrating. I've noticed that other people have the same issue, so the following would be very useful features to add:

1. The ability to disable the accelerometer via the app, useful when mounting in fast moving vehicles.
The accelerometer is very useful for setting the horizon, particularly useful for mounting the camera inverted, for example from a racing car roll cage. But then once the camera is set, it would be useful to be able to 'lock' the horizon to stop the drunken rolling about that happens under acceleration, braking and cornering.

2. Exposure overrides in video.
I'm disappointed with the dynamic range when shooting inside a closed cockpit car. The camera decides which exposure is important and tends to expose for the inside, completely blowing out the outside view to white, meaning that the track or road ahead is invisible and over exposed.

Some mechanism for exposure compensation would make the camera useable.

Those two features would transform the camera into a great tool for some exciting in car videos. Right now, I'm unable to use it how I anticipated.

I'd be happy to help with testing any updates, should you need it.

Hope you find this useful

Neill W
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