JPEG quality setting needed

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JPEG quality setting needed

Postby fusionsch » 12 Apr 2016, 21:23

I've already posted something about the need for a better quality of images. Many people yearn for TIFF or RAW... I know I'm not alone :shock:

An upgrade of the "in-app" software would be easy for Theta S developers - Theta-side, of course!

We can't choose the JPEG compression - fine, medium, and so on... The JPEG files are too compressed! In the EXIF, I see a compressed bits per pixel value of 3.2. I know the lower this value is, the higher the quality is. A 3.2 compression is a low quality, high compressed file. We should have the ability to choose the JPEG compression.

It's quite easy to implement for you people at Theta. We users desperately need such an ability to set the level of compression. We want 100% quality JPEGs. We don't care if we can take only 20 or 30 shots with the built-in memory instead of 200. WE NEED IT.

So please, PLEASE, upgrade the software.

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Re: JPEG quality setting needed

Postby rankaru » 14 Apr 2016, 06:51

I support this one, like all other request for raw. If theta has concerns of memory usage, can they at least have a temporary data of the last taken raw image. :D
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