Using ExifReader in Windows App

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Using ExifReader in Windows App

Postby KevinDavies » 03 May 2016, 14:11

I am trying to create a windows java app that uses the ExifReader to get the orientation data from a theta image, like in the SDK ref example code (see below). However, In the sdk download I cannot seem to find the jar file that contains the ExifReader class. Even if I import the project into Android Studio and build it, Android Studio cannot find the class ExifReader. Is there a way I can just get a jar file with the ExifReader class?

Code I am trying to get to work:

//Acquire local file "tmpFileForReadingExif" file object
File tmpFile = getFileStreamPath("tmpFileForReadingExif");

// Parse image meta information
ExifReader exif = new ExifReader(tmpFile);
// Acquire spherical image information
OmniInfo omniInfo = exif.getOmniInfo();

// Azimuth angle
// 0 - 360
Double yaw = omniInfo.getOrientationAngle();

// Horizontal angle
// 0 - 360
Double roll = omniInfo.getHorizontalAngle();

// Elevation angle
// -90 - 90
Double pitch = omniInfo.getElevationAngle();
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