Ricoh theta product versions

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Ricoh theta product versions

Postby stx123 » 21 Aug 2015, 07:53

I think I see two versions of this product are available. The only difference is that the newer version has video capability. Other than this there is no other difference. Is that right?
Also, how to tell the difference between the newer version and the older version? or, any other version that come out in the future.
Is this the old version
and this the new version?
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Re: Ricoh theta product versions

Postby mbirth » 24 Aug 2015, 23:22

The model is written on the side of the device.


The old one reads "RICOH THETA", the newer one "RICOH THETA m15".

Also the serial number of the older models starts with "XL", newer models start with "XN".

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