Control view angle to reduce fisheye effect?

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Control view angle to reduce fisheye effect?

Postby donyjunky » 03 Sep 2015, 18:08

Maybe it's pointless with the current theta given resolution, but is there a way to control the viewing angle to get less distortion around the edges, for a more natural feel of looking around? The excessive wide angle gives a gimmicky feel. The web viewer default seems to be over 180 degrees- two sideways swipes and you're past your original point. You can manually zoom I guess but for publishing it seems you should be able to set a max viewing angle to have more control of the framing of your picture.
Another thought is whether a kind of sensor shift or multi exposure strategy could be employed to increase apparent resolution. Trade off just like with HDR things can move between exposures but if it can do a double exposure in 1/10 of a second or so it may not be too bad, especially for mostly static images (landscapes, people posing rather than active, etc).
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