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A few Theta S samples

Postby BEEW2015 » 07 Oct 2015, 21:48

For those of you waiting to see more samples (apart from the official ones) of what the Theta S can do, here are a few shots I've found from different sources. Some are really great, others not so. But most are definitely a step up from the m15, especially features such as long exposure.

From the Theta S press conference...

Great details:

A really nice night shot:

Another night shot:

One more long exposure:

Here's one that shows the imaginative potential, "drawing" with a flashlight:

Another "drawing":


A nice "macro shot":

...And a few not so perfect ones:

Overexposed night shot:

This one shows it's still difficult to take handheld shots in low light (camera shake):

Some shots look a bit more blurry at the edge of the lens (look for the garbage pile to the left):
(Or is it my imagination?)

And, finally some comedy: ;-0
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Re: A few Theta S samples

Postby codetricity » 09 Oct 2015, 14:44

Love it. so cool. Thanks for sharing these. I wish I were a better photographer. The camera is amazing.
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