Size of converted video files (PC)

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Size of converted video files (PC)

Postby FullOSpheres » 09 Nov 2015, 12:31

When converting files on PC, different combinations of camera and machine are producing hugely different file sizes.

A friend and I both have a Theta S, and when they convert files on both their old laptop, and a newer model their work has supplied, the size of the converted video files is almost the same as the original, a 5% drop in size being a generous estimate of an absolute maximum.
When I convert files on my laptop, the converted files can be anything from about 3 times smaller, to 7 times smaller.

Both of us need to upgrade our phones to be able to use the Theta app, so I'm wondering if there are any options there which might set meta data in the video files before they are transferred to the PC, telling the desktop app what level of processing to complete.
It may just be the power of suggestion, but it does seem that my videos are less sharp than some I've seen on youtube which have been shot using Thetas, and from what I've read, should be suffering some slight quality drop due to youtube processing.

Are there any switches to use with the Theta desktop program? Maybe mine is set to compress more?

The installation process was simple, with few options, so it's confusing that there's such a discrepancy between our two outcomes.
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