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Shutter Speed

Postby MEC4D » 17 Nov 2015, 07:20

I am really little disappointed with the shutter speed at 1/6400 , for indoor scene or outdoor with cloudy day it is just perfect, but with a sunny day and white object like houses it is not enough , all you get are white squares with the same burn in white level as the sun . 1/8000 could improve it a lot as it was with Theta m15.
If you going to shot images outdoor for HDR 1/6400 definitely will be not enough .
I guess new App will not change anything unless the firmware is updated ..

just a wish.. maybe someone listen, it would make Theta S the best full spherical camera to date
also another wish is to have double fish eye shots without stitching , it would improve the speed of taking pictures for HDR
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Re: Shutter Speed

Postby JohnsonThomasson » 12 Dec 2015, 05:15

I want to second this. On a bright day, 1/8000 would be very helpful for creating good HDRI's.
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