New Theat V 360 Video issues

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New Theat V 360 Video issues

Postby DarrenMcNeill » 24 Jan 2018, 15:31

I just purchased the Theta V today and I have been testing it out prior to full use.
The 360 images work fine with 1 click, even though the quality is...ok
The issue I have is the Video.
I recorded a few short test videos and found that the videos play back looking straight down at the beginning. I held the Theta vertically at all times. Panning around it looks like the joining is not correct as there are some black "bubbles" in the video at the seams. Youtube and Facebook do not recognize any videos from the Theta V as 360 and display them as 2 Spheres side by side.

Are there further setup requirements needed or is this a duff unit?
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Re: New Theat V 360 Video issues

Postby codetricity » 24 Jan 2018, 22:27

There are two video stitching applications for the THETA V videos, in-camera and on desktop.

Some things to check, with the camera fully charged, update the firmware:
Run the desktop app, which you can download from here:

The desktop app will upgrade your camera's firmware.

With the firmware fully upgraded, use the mobile app to save the video as dual-fisheye. Download the video file to your desktop and then stitch it with the desktop app.

You can then test it with in-camera stitching. Hopefully, the problem can be resolved with software or firmware upgrades.
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