theta on a dji phantom 3

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theta on a dji phantom 3

Postby sunchaser » 16 May 2018, 14:01


I am planning to use the following to fly the Theta V to 300ft and plan to take photos (HDR and all):


What would be the best way to trigger the shutter remotely this way knowing this is probably beyond wifi range between my phone and the Theta?
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Re: theta on a dji phantom 3

Postby JonWalter » 18 Apr 2019, 08:55

The DJI Phantom 3 is a good entry level drone. For $499, you get every feature (Reliable GPS, Clean UI in the DJI GO App, RTF status) that a high-end drone should have (Except 4K), but 2.7K is sufficient for entry-level videography. I had 0 issues with my P3S, although I have read some articles about other people’s have stress cracks. That is something you would need to look out for. However, if you have the budget, I would recommend you to go for the DJI Mavic Pro. Check more information about prices here -
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