Ways to make money with the Theta

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Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby luna1 » 18 Aug 2018, 03:41

There are lots of people sharing content and hoping to get noticed enough to be sponsored.But I'm impatient. What are some of the best ways you can earn some money with your 360 photos? I know that you can become a Google Streetview photographer and I'm working on that. But what else could I do in the meantime?
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Re: Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby rictan » 21 Aug 2018, 00:57

You can try selling your photos through https://my360shop.com/. It lets you get payment for your photos and automatically delivers them to your clients.
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Re: Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby ednamodes » 21 Aug 2018, 09:11

You’ve done such an amazing job. I really love your article.
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Re: Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby Jon_Chen » 26 Aug 2018, 04:23

https://my360shop.com lets you receive payment for your 360 photos. Your customers can pay on the site with PayPal or credit card. This means more trust for you and that equals more sales
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Re: Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby VirtualSup » 01 Sep 2018, 17:25

The Theta Camera's are one of the best Mono_360 Camera's on the market.

Think like a photographer. Start with the Google Street View -it's a good way to build your reputation as a photographer.

Photography is about social interaction - getting people to ham it up for the camera. Once they see that they can leave easter egg's on google street view you will be amazed how they warm up.

Think freemium model - give away 360 images until they book a session. Post on Google Street View and other social media - like FB & Twitter. Use Delight-vr.com and other posting services that will let you upload images. YouTube tends to compress video's so I"ve been staying away from it - but they may be better than that now with a theta v-4k video. I'll test and get back to you

I am building a platform, an open platform with nominal fee's for DNS access & email address with your own branding. This will help bring an open market and a meeting place for photographers.
If you are an app developer you can build an app that uses the theta. Check out:

At the end of the day the Theta is a camera. Spherical 360 Camera. You can access it via open camera web apis, the theta api and sdk's and now the with the Theta V the Android SDK.

This is a very exciting time to be a digital photographer. There is so much to do and see with 360.

So Photography and money making 101:
Have Business Cards- contact info - email - phone - and snail mail address (this helps)
Build a web page - this is your digital brochure. Mine is at http://mr.tips and http://virtual.photo/grapher/

I also suggest to build a standard 81/2 x 11 3 fold 'brochure' that outlines your Value Proposition.
Basically that means - menu items that your customers can choose from.
Basic snapshot
Basic setup shot
simple tour
extended tour

or something like that.

Choose how many photo's they get - how much time you spend. what you offer for post production - the rights and usage they are allowed.

I really suggest if you are thinking about becoming a photographer you look into traditional photography markets and see where you can supplement 360 images.

The standard markets are often the best place to start:

360 real estate tours
360 Google my Business / GoogleStreet View
360 Weddings and Event Documentation - this is a specialized field - apprentice first!
360 Business and product shots
360 family and event portraits
360 construction and time lapse images
360 meditation images.

360 cinematic stories and shorts
360 social media updates
360 Live streams

The list goes on and on.

Photographers must be versatile in what they shoot but like any artist there are things that they love more than others.

I love technology and autoracing - I built a career as an anaolg photographer shooting everything from product shots to weddings. My favorite was a 1/4 mile dirt oval on Vancouver Island -we had lots of fun there and it was a photographers dream. Problem was the season was only 14 weeks long - and everyone only showed upon friday or saturday nights. So the rest of the week you need to be versatile and shoot other things. Book custom shoots.

First you must learn to walk then you learn to run.

Check out Steve Blank and Bob Dorf "The Startup Owners Manual" it will guilde you to your ideal value proposition and Product - Market Fit so that you can sell your 360 photos.

James Balatti
Vancouver Canada
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Re: Ways to make money with the Theta

Postby maxiposik » 16 Apr 2019, 09:06

A lot of people these days are just keen on earning online and some of them come up with crazy ways whil things are really simple. You have options like selling on amazon for example which is really a simple thing. Basicaly, you can find all the info you need on from amzscout website.
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