Power and WiFi light during capture

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Power and WiFi light during capture

Postby ndenekamp » 03 Jun 2015, 21:11

Hi Guys,

Greatly enjoying my Theta camera! :D

I have one little niggle, which typically isn't an issue, but I've tried using my Theta in a few places where the light cast by the Wifi and power light on the side of the unit show up in the image.

It seems the light next to the capture button goes dark momentarily during exposure, but the Wifi and power lights do not.

Any chance all lights could behave the same way as the capture light?

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Re: Power and WiFi light during capture

Postby brad3d » 07 Jun 2015, 14:54

Gaffer tape over the light. No more light issue. :)

Not ideal but it's a quick fix, especially for video mode.
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