Logo to replace monopod or tripod

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Logo to replace monopod or tripod

Postby vistalinks » 20 Jul 2015, 13:21

Is there a quick way to place a logo or graphic at the bottom of the image, with the intent of covering up your monopod, thumb, or other unwanted part of the bottom of the image?
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Re: Logo to replace monopod or tripod

Postby mbirth » 21 Jul 2015, 08:50

  1. Create a new transparent 3584x1792 image
  2. Draw your desired nadir logo/graphic in the exact centre of the new image, leave everything else transparent
  3. Use e.g. nona to rotate the image 90° south (viewport 90° up)
  4. In the future, use e.g. ImageMagick to overlay your photo with the just created mask. Do this before correcting the horizon or it won't line up.

I didn't test it, but that's how I'd start.
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