Moviemaker/Youtube Tip for Still Photos

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Moviemaker/Youtube Tip for Still Photos

Postby RogerRowlett » 07 Aug 2015, 17:01

Nothing can really beat the elegance of the Theta view for still photos. I wanted to pass along a method I used to post stills on Youtube using the regular PC Movie Maker and Youtube's PC program for handling photospheres.

I just import the Theta .jpg photo and then change the duration of the photo to 2 minutes or so. Then I save it as a mp4.

I inject the mp4 with Youtube 360's metadata program and save it as a new name.

I then upload the file to youtube.

The video doesn't rotate like the Theta viewer and there's a small black spot at the top and bottom and a small black vertical line. But otherwise it remains interactive with youtube's 360 commands.
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Re: Moviemaker/Youtube Tip for Still Photos

Postby BEEW2015 » 08 Aug 2015, 08:45

I've been using a similar method (with Picasa) to make 360 slideshows. Since the automatic dimensions of videos made by MovieMaker/Picasa etc are not optimal for 360, the black parts have to be removed. I use Handbrake to change the format to 1920x960. It automatically detects and removes the black bars, and then I add YouTube metadata to the converted file.
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