What functions are available with RICOH THETA Z1?

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What functions are available with RICOH THETA Z1?

Postby theta360official » 26 Feb 2019, 00:43

  • [Add]Shooting in RAW+ format. (Web, USB, BLE)
  • [Add]Shooting Dual-Fisheye image. (Web)
  • Switching plugin.
  • Setting and Switching My Settings.
    • [Change]set (Web available items, BLE data structure)
    • [Add]switch shooting method (Web, BLE)
    • [Add]delete (Web, BLE)
  • [Change]Increase available items for multi bracket shooting. (Web, USB, BLE)
  • [Add]Performing top bottom correction. (Web, USB, BLE)
  • Time shift shooting.
    • [Add]set (Web)
    • [Change]capture (Web)
  • [Add]Interval composite shooting.
  • Setting aperture.
  • [Add]Shooting function setting. (Web, USB, BLE)
  • [Add]ISO sensitivity upper limit. (Web, USB, BLE)
  • [Change]Some range of settings.
    • setting range (iso, captureInterval, microphone, fileFormat)
    • video mode available (exposureProgram, iso, shutterSpeed, whiteBalance, colorTemperature, exposureCompensation, latestEnabledExposureDelayTime)
  • The following pages are changed.
    • Web: State, camera.takePicture, camera.getMetadata
    • USB: CompositeShootingElapsedTime, ErrorInfo
    • BLE: Composite Shooting Elapsed Time, Camera Error Characteristics, Shot Options
About specifications, see API v2.1 Reference, v2 USB Reference and Bluetooth Reference in API & SDK.
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