Advise cheap circulars and trimming

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Advise cheap circulars and trimming

Postby egrats » 17 Feb 2019, 10:16

The immersion saw is a very narrow-profile tool; it is much less functional than a circular saw. I think I need trimming with the upper table. I have not chosen anything yet.
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Re: Advise cheap circulars and trimming

Postby fredmix » 17 Feb 2019, 15:56

It is convenient to trim 25cm only by trimming with a broach, but its functionality is limited to this. If there is not a lot of such a wide board, then it is better to take a universal tool. Spikes visit site. And a wide board with a jigsaw. I find it difficult to advise on such machines (it’s too ridiculous cost, for such functionality)
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Re: Advise cheap circulars and trimming

Postby MariaPettiford » 13 Mar 2019, 15:18

Hi there! Guys, recommend you to also check out this blog post. Hope you'll find plenty of useful info here.
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