Ricoh Theta S will not charge

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Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby StephenGarratt » 29 Jan 2017, 19:13

I can't get my Theta S to charge.

When I charge it the "on button" glows red. the

I have tried the original USB cable. I have tried using 1amp wallplug, 2amp wallplug and a computer. I just get the unit to hold a charge.

When connected to the PC and I run the desktop app to check the firmware I get the low battery error "The battery level is low......... FUPE0000005, FUP".
If I disconnect the unit from power and try to power it up, it comes up and dies immediately.
We used it out of the box (no firmware update) for a month on holiday. We were charging and discharging it daily. We came home and updated the firmware. We've had the problem since then.

Any ideas on what to do? Anyone having the same problem?
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby jcasman » 30 Jan 2017, 04:10

Have you tried using a different USB cable? Might be worth checking. Depending on your setup, probably will need to be recharging with 1.5amp wallplug or higher. Since you've tried that, I'm wondering if just the cable is giving you issues.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby bobroche » 30 Jan 2017, 16:01

Ditto the previous reply. Most of my usb cables will not work with the Theta. I did find 2 that do work and labeled them for the Theta. I don't know why some cables work and some don't. Maybe someone else does know.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby GiorgiChkonia » 12 Feb 2017, 09:34

why some cables work and some don't. Maybe someone else does know, i lost my oroginal cable.((
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby LajosHajdu » 05 Aug 2017, 18:00

The Ricoh Theta S is a real fun camera, it will open up new horizons for the average user. Very good that popular forums as Facebook already handling the 360s.
However the charging is not as robust as I would like to have it. The manual restricts the charging to a computer and to the delivered usb cable (because of the sensitivity for the shortened central pins in some USB cables). USB hub is discouraged direct usb contact with a port is recommended. It is not clear recommendation for USB 2/3 ports. In the forums there are contradicting recommendations about the strength of wall chargers used. A helmet mounted camera would need a permanently attached power-bank, in order to operate for an extended period. The manual recommending to watch the blinking lamp and shut down the charging when fully charged. I suspect imminent danger for overcharging if left alone. Is it allowed to charge from car usb? There are a lot of limitations in the charging, very easy to ruin your camera.

This camera is excellent field instrument it would be desirable to have more robust, more protected charging system, build a front end stabilisator unit for the existing Thetas, redesign the coming new models charging. Take away the sensitivity for pin assignment of the different USB cable schemes.
I am very unhappy, while I killed a Theta by charging with my Samsung charger and original Theta usb cable. I charged during the whole night and found the camera dead in the morning. But I had great time with the camera. It is exceptional value to see your 360s in Virtual Reality goggles. The camera will boost the VR scene that's for sure.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby codetricity » 15 Aug 2017, 15:48

Did you check to make sure that the battery actually did get charged? You can use any USB cable that supports sync.

If you right-click on the camera icon in Windows, you can see the current charge of the battery:


You can also see the battery charge in the mobile app.

The camera needs a 1.5 amp charge, though you can probably get by with less.

The Photosphere projecthas been using the camera outside for a year or longer.

You can power the camera from an external battery pack that outputs 1.5 amp over USB. At lower current, the camera may drain faster than the battery pack can replace it. For example, if the battery pack outputs 1.0 amp, you may not be able to get a full day use out of the camera.

It's likely that the wall charger did not charge the battery. I use a wall charger and powered USB port to charge by THETA every day.

NOTE: I don't work for Ricoh. This is just my personal experience that I am relaying to the community to help with the shared knowledge pool.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby PeterHR » 24 Mar 2018, 05:34

The camera seems not to like a too high charge rate, though it doesnt regulate it itself- it just refuses to charge. An easy way to reduce the rate is to use a cable that has a comparative high resistance and introduces a volt drop. Exactly what you don't want for phone or tablet charging.

I use a 3m long charging cable from poundland.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby RyanJohnson » 03 Aug 2018, 02:50

Idk, I've lost 5 hours trying to get anything out of this when I should have been programming.

I have 2 different cables, the short lengths, and 3 different laptops with probably 10 USB ports amongst them and still can't raise this thing from the dead...

What's the deal with this thing?

It was fun for a couple weeks and now it's straight-up dead... I'm beginning the stages of grief over the couple 100 bucks I just spent on this.

Like I only took it out 4 times in prestine conditions with extra care. Wth?

What's so sad is that I can't even access my pictures on it. :(
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby tdcollins » 06 Oct 2018, 16:34

Yes, Ryan I am having a very similar issue; although with mine even while charging it shuts off almost as if it is shorting out.

When I power it on, it comes on just for a brief flash, then powers itself down, so in effect it is dead. Like you, I have hardly used it, and now it is conveniently out of warranty and the -V is out. Very frustrating, are you still having problems?
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby RyanJohnson » 12 Jan 2019, 04:33

Nope, still dead. I'm going to try taking it into a Batteries Plus, maybe they can do something about it. I'm going to give that a try tomorrow.

But omg do hate Ricoh... every time I see what would have been a beautiful pano I think of what could have been.

Life really sucks when beautiful sights make you sad, but noway am I ever investing in Ricoh garbage again.
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Re: Ricoh Theta S will not charge

Postby Jeffbarney » 12 Jan 2019, 14:20

I've found some Theta S charging issues can be fixed by removing the battery and charging it on an external charger and then reinstalling it back into the camera. This charger works will provided you trim a tiny bit of plastic from around the battery contacts to allow them to make good contact with the charger, but other than it fits and works 100%.
It seems if the battery voltage drops below a certain voltage or the camera is above a certain temp it won't recharge. Usually you get an alternating dim and bright red power button indicating a fault. The camera will get warm as if its charging but it actually isn't.
To remove the battery
1. remove the square black plastic trim from around the tripod mounting hole, its held on with adhesive. Gently lift it with a razor blade.
2. Remove the 4 screws or just the 2 screws holding the back on.
3. use your finger nail to find the seam between the back cover and the blue/grey band, running your nail around the perimeter until all the clips have released and the back snaps off.
4. carefully remove the little heat sink sand bag attached to the battery.
5. The battery is held in place with double face tape, so gently pry it up until it can be removed.
6. Charge the battery on an external charger.
7. Reinstall the battery and test if the camera functions normally. if so reassemble.
Additional tips.
1. don't let the camera ever go completely dead
2. don't ever charge the camera if its warm, let it sit over night before charging or place it in a cool area.
3. If the power light alternates between dim and bright red while charging, it isn't charging and only getting warm. You need to have either a steady dim or bright red power button to indicate a good charging mode.
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