THETA S Spot the difference game

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THETA S Spot the difference game

Postby Svendus » 27 Jul 2016, 03:22

More THETA S Fun
it was a long time ago i visited Jonas Hedenberg on my motorbike at hes home in Skeppshult Sweden
so we made little THETA S fun with his house :mrgreen:


There are 6 faults on the Panorama can you figure out them :?:
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Re: THETA S Spot the difference game

Postby vylydex » 21 May 2018, 02:21

I'm always doing this. Finding out the answer before anyone replies

After talking to someone at Ricoh, following all their suggestions its either:
- power circuit is buggered
- battery is buggered

or both of course.
For some people online flash games on are a passing distraction to fill the hours between lunch and home time.
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