Manchester United need to get rid of Martial immediately

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Manchester United need to get rid of Martial immediately

Postby kenhvanhoc » 03 Aug 2018, 08:33

Manchester United and individual coach Jose Mourinho are going through hard times ahead of the new season when the pivot tables replace each other. Besides a series of returning star in a state of exhaustion for 2018 World Cup.

When the 2018/18 Premier League was about to open, Mourinho called on the students to concentrate as soon as possible. Jesse Lingard, Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Phil Jones fly to the United States, making Mourinho say twice: "They are so cool."

In spite of that, Martial is perfectly healthy to not play in the 2018 World Cup, but is looking to "mourn" Mourinho.

"Cold Water Dipper" for Jose Mourinho
Five days ago, girlfriend Martial gave birth to his son in his hometown of Paris. In the midst of a friendly match at the ICC Cup in 2018, Martial asked Mourinho to return to France, and was accepted by the coach.

Manchester United can beat Martial right now
Mourinho is angry because Martial is over.
The media, including the likes of ESPN, Sky Sports, pose the question: "Did Martial fence out of the US instead of Mourinho?" In the midst of the clashes involving the French striker, Mourinho had to defend: "Martial has been asking me for a few days."

In response, "Special person" sympathized with his pupil: "Martial is absolutely allowed to return at times like this. His son was born a very special moment, not just Martial that everyone wants to do it.

In the midst of a series of Manchester United problems, from frustrated power to frustrated results, Mourinho could say a word of refusal, and Martial himself was forced to follow. However, the "special person" endorsed the student's wishes. He shared that Martial had promised to return soon.

In a friendly match against Liverpool, Manchester United have to push Alexis Sanchez to play as striker because Martial temporarily absent. The press conference after the match, Mourinho suddenly complain about the former AS Monaco striker is not focused as originally promised. Mourinho's face was uncomfortable at the time.

Manchester United can now Martial Mart 2
Martial will pay for unprofessional behavior.
In the final friendly match against Real Madrid, Martial was left unmarked on the pitch. When asked, the Portuguese strategist shook his head and said, "I do not know what he is doing, where he is and when he is ready to return."

Even his coaching career, perhaps for the first time Mourinho was blatantly flattered pupil as Martial case.

In 2015, Louis van Gaal and Manchester United fans were angry when Angel Di Maria refused to join forces after the national team concentration. But at least, Di Maria avoided ordering, instead of "promised one, a path" as Martial.

Three days ago, Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata also asked coach Maurizio Sarri to return to Italy to welcome his twin. After 48 hours, Morata rushed to England to not ruin the team's training plans.

It is a measure of the professionalism that Martial is for MU, and for the teacher who has inked his trust.

No need to keep the players out of enthusiasm
Martial's behavior is typical of his lack of enthusiasm for United. Two months ago, representatives of the 23-year-old striker have confirmed Martial wish to transfer in the summer of 2018.

Mourinho is the most outspoken supporter of Martial, so still fill the name of his pupil into the US team on the tour. In the first two matches, Martial left the starting lineup. But after the event, it would be amazing if the "special person" still put faith in Martial.

Manchester United can now Martial Mart 3
Martial no motivation for United.
"I do not want to keep the players out of enthusiasm for the team. If they want to leave, I will not keep, "Mourinho said as he led United.

In fact, Morgan Schneiderlin, Memphis Depay and Daley Blind have all gone the same way. They expressed their wish with Mourinho, and agreed.

Since the Red Devils have recruited Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, Martial's future has begun to falter. Martial's left wing position was taken by Sanchez. Two friendly games are over, the player wearing the number 11 must play the highest on the line instead of the left wing.

Martial must have used this opportunity to score in Mourinho's eyes, but he only left disappointed. He lost the ball, running less sophisticated and competing as a "ghost" on the field. Martial shows that he can not afford to beat Romelu Lukaku.

The 23-year-old striker is sure to be prepared for Sanchez, especially when the friendly matches are over, Sanchez is a great player, scoring two goals. Right, Martial has played several games, but the game disappointed.
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Re: Manchester United need to get rid of Martial immediately

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Re: Manchester United need to get rid of Martial immediately

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