Update on Independent THETA Community that may replace this forum

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Update on Independent THETA Community that may replace this forum

Postby codetricity » 25 Aug 2016, 19:59

The RICOH THETA is the world's most popular 360 degree camera. We think VR/AR is going to take off and THETA owners are right in the middle of this. Based on anecdotes, we estimate that there are about 1 million THETAs out there (unconfirmed).

My colleague Jesse Casman and I started an independent THETA community after we worked with RICOH as outside consultants at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Our little independent side project is now at 25,000 views a month and growing rapidly. RICOH noticed the activity and asked us to evaluate if they should move the discussion from this forum to the new community.

Your feedback and participation would be extremely valuable.


One of the main motivations for building an independent community was to support the use of email digest updates (user configurable), embedded videos, and make it easier to drag and drop images right inside the forum post. We like beautiful media.

Jesse Casman and I work for RICOH as outside marketing consultants. We help support events, shows, and general promotion. However, what we're really jazzed up about is the online community. We think the THETA is an awesome product and should be showcased with great videos and pictures. We're stoked that RICOH has noticed our independent activity and is willing to listen to ideas.
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