Problems transferring videos to phone but not pictures

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Problems transferring videos to phone but not pictures

Postby BrettKowalczyk » 02 Sep 2016, 00:52

When I connect my phone to the camera through Wi-Fi, I can use the application to transfer still images, but if I try to transfer videos, it goes through the whole transfer process and it looks like the data is actually moving as the progress bar slowly builds towards complete, but after it finishes at 100%, it actually throws an error that says it couldn't save the video. Check the device. I'm running a droid turbo with Android 5.1. Any thoughts on what is going on?
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Re: Problems transferring videos to phone but not pictures

Postby codetricity » 08 Sep 2016, 01:07

Try placing the phone right next to the camera, like a foot away from it. I have a Moto G, 3rd gen running Android 6.0. It works fine with the main THETA app, called 'Basic app'. It does work with some glitches for me with the THETA+ Video app for video editing. It will not display the video inside the app, but it will play in VLC.

Have you tried disabling the SD Card storage as a test? I know the Moto G has the option to automatically store videos on the external SD Card. Maybe try to store the video on the internal storage by ejecting the SD card to see if that helps to force the app to store to your internal storage. Note that I'm using a 32 Gb SD card for storage.
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Re: Problems transferring videos to phone but not pictures

Postby Eelphone1 » 10 Jun 2019, 09:41

We recommend that you can try Eelphone Android Transfer, which not only export Android data to PC, but also import data from PC, just connect Android phone and camera to computer, once camera photos and videos appeared in computer, drug photos and videos to your Android phone directly.
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