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Forum Rules

Postby theta360official » 02 Oct 2014, 06:21

1. About this forum
This forum is a place where users can discuss various topics about RICOH THETA.
Please note that Ricoh cannot answer questions about Ricoh products and technologies.

2. Prohibition of Abusive Acts
All users must refrain from all abusive behavior that affects other users, such as writing offensive, harmful or derogatory comments on the forums.
Users must also refrain from any acts which may result in abuse of this forum, irrespective of whether the abusive act was intentional.

3. Deletion of Posts
In cases where posts are considered abusive or violate the terms of use of this forum, without prior notice, they may be deleted and measures such as restricting the posting user from further use of this service may be implemented. However, the decision of whether or not to apply such measures are made entirely by forum moderators, and users will not be informed of the reasons that measures are applied.
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