Tagging people in 360 photos for facebook sharing

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Tagging people in 360 photos for facebook sharing

Postby DaveVardy » 26 Dec 2015, 17:48

Hi all,

This is a facebook question rather than Theta.

Having shared a link to some Theta S group photos on Facebook, it was extremely frustrating trying to tag people in the photos. After the initial post is created, I tried either editing the post on facebook, to add a caption. Or adding a comment beneath. However in both cases, most of the time when writing the names of people in the photo, facebook did not pick this up to give me an auto-complete. Grrr, has anyone else found this? (It's annoying entering 13 people with full names, with FB not picking up these manually entered tags automatically)

Anyone found a way to tag people in 360 photos with ease?
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Re: Tagging people in 360 photos for facebook sharing

Postby byTremayne » 30 Jun 2016, 05:03

Hi DaveVardy,

I'm having similar issues even still today with FB. They now fully accept 360 pictures which is great but they still haven't allowed tagging to be done on a 360 picture. Yet. It'd be nice to have a room full of people in the spherical photo and each face could be tagged. I'd imagine they're working on it and it'll come out soon. Apart from writing everyone's full name in comments then I don't know I workaround, sorry. Maybe instead of having to type the full name type the '@'symbol and then start typing their name straight after eg @tremayne... This is the best way to get names to come up quickly that FB recognises. Good luck!
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Re: Tagging people in 360 photos for facebook sharing

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