The Theta PC App will not play 360 Video

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The Theta PC App will not play 360 Video

Postby JeffFellows » 23 Feb 2018, 00:34

Help Please ....
My laptop crashed a few weeks ago requiring an fresh install of Windows 10 :cry: .

However on reinstalling The Theta App (Ver 3.3.1) and Adobe Air (Ver the Theta player will not play properly ... it will move a frame or 2 that wait a minute and again move a frame or 2

Have tested the file on a desktop computer running the same operating system with the same versions of programs and it works fine on that machine, but won't run on the Dell 7548 Laptop.

Prior to the Windows crash it worked perfectly on the laptop.

Have spent many ours on Google but can't find an answer.

I have installed GoPro VR player and it is running the Theta files correctly on the laptop, but I would prefer the genuine Theta App because of its cleaner interface as I use it in a training environment.

Any help would be appreciated

Regards Jeff
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Re: The Theta PC App will not play 360 Video

Postby advanceinstitute » 26 May 2019, 16:18

please reinstall your laptop's window.
Laptop Repairing Institute in Patna.
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