Theta V 360 Video to Unity and Ambisonic Audio (Urgent)

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Theta V 360 Video to Unity and Ambisonic Audio (Urgent)

Postby Creativeturtle » 29 Jan 2019, 08:55

Hello developers. I am new here and I am struggling how to make use of the ambisonic audio in Unity, from my Theta V Videofile, converted with the Theta Movie Converter to get the 4 channel Audio. I want to build my Unity project later to the Oculus Go.

Also I am using the mov file in post production with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. Which settings I should use to export it for Ambisonic Audio? I know there is a Checkbox for that and you can assign 4 channels but I feel like this didn’t work or my earphones are just to bad :)
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