How to Recover AOL Email Account if it is Hacked?

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How to Recover AOL Email Account if it is Hacked?

Postby Groupnotech » 12 Feb 2019, 11:04

AOL Mail is an email service provided by America Online. This is an excellent alternative to other email providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. The websites and email accounts can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Often users of AOL complained about their account hacked by the hackers. Getting your AOL email hacked can be quite frustrating. If you don’t know how to recover your AOL Mail account, you might end up losing permanently.

There are several procedures to recover hacked AOL Mail account. We are going to provide you with a simple guide to recover your AOL Mail account if it is compromised. You can get back your account quickly if you correctly follow the instructions.

Steps to Recover AOL Email Account
Email, social media, bank and other types of accounts are hacked by hackers to misuse the data and other valuable resources of the users. Most of the time it is not easy to get access to someone’s account. A lot of time users’ accounts get hacked because they don’t use strong passwords or they use passwords that are quite easier to crack for hackers, for example using our name or birth date in it.

These small mistakes can be used by hackers as an advantage to hack your email account. Sometimes users mistakenly leave their password and other details written somewhere that can be used by someone to log into their account illegally. These dangerous but straightforward mistakes can be a reason behind your account getting hacked.

Now, you must be waiting for the guide we previously promised you to deliver to ensure your AOL account security. Here it is:

Change your AOL Mail password: Change your AOL Mail password: Your AOL Mail account’s security is highly dependent on the password. If you can access the account, then you must change its password quickly. When you try to sign into your account, AOL asks you a security question that you have to answer correctly. After signing into the account, go to the General Information page. On that General Information page, you can see the option of Change Your Password, hit on that option. Now, you must make sure that you set your password utterly different from the former one. Use a unique combination of uppercase-lowercase alphabets, numbers and special symbols to form the password. Once you set up a new password, you’re all set to use the Mail account.
Increase the security of AOL Mail account: Once you get your account’s access, first make sure to increase its security. Even if the hacker has access to your username and password, he won’t be able to log into it if you set the Two-Steps Authentication on the account. Two-Steps Authentication can be turned on from Settings. In this authentication process, your mobile number receives a unique verification code. You must insert it to log in. Hackers obviously can’t log into the account because they can’t get the verification code. This whole process makes the account more secure.
Secure the alternative accounts: One of the most common mistakes most of the users make is keeping the same password for all other accounts. This mistake can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your other accounts. Avoid this at all cost and change the passwords of your other social media, bank and email accounts. Keep them distinct and unique.
Contact Tech Support: Often users get their AOL account hacked can’t change password to get the access. If you are unable get the access to your account, you can contact the AOL Mail Tech Support for the help. AOL Email Support asks user a few question, that you’re supposed to answer correctly and you can get the account back within a short time.
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