Hacked yahoo account

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Hacked yahoo account

Postby Groupnotech » 13 Feb 2019, 11:22

Protect your Logins

If one account is hacked, other accounts or services linked with it are in the danger zone. The hackers work on finding these links and getting control of all the accounts a user has on online space. So, protecting your logins is highly recommended especially if you use same password for different accounts (which is not at all a smart idea.)

·Use strong combination for creating a unique password. The password should be difficult to guess and at the same time easy to remember for you. This will protect other accounts from the attack.

Fix yahoo sign in email problems

If you find it difficult to remember password and that’s the reason you keep them easy, don’t do it. Else use a password manager app that will help in storing your passwords securely. But you still have to remember one password; the password of the password manager app. You can do that easily.

· Go for 2-step verification process (if you still have access). It creates a second layer of security to log ins. Along with the password; you also have to enter the unique code sent to your mobile number for accessing your mailbox. So, the hackers might get hands on your password but they cannot get the security code at any cost.

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Re: Hacked yahoo account

Postby PrimaKnh » 16 Feb 2019, 04:16

All of them are concerned about internet security many hackers are hacking our personal belongings through yahoo. The hackers cheap internet providers get the control link and use the space. We can manage this to an extent by using the password manager app.
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