How does shell and tube exchanger work?

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How does shell and tube exchanger work?

Postby Bettydassy00 » 19 Feb 2019, 20:10

There are many different types of heat exchangers available used by the industries including chemical industries, oil refineries and more which are using shell and tube heat exchanger. It is well suited for such industries as it has high-pressure applications.
A shell and tube heat exchanger consists of a shell or a large pressure vessel, which allows one fluid to make its way through the tubes while another fluid flows through the shell in order to transfer heat between the two different fluids. Shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturers produce them to move heat from one fluid to another efficiently.
At the initial stage of the process, the heat exchanger consists of two fluid of different temperatures. One fluid flows through the tube side while the other flows from the outside of the tube through the shell side. The fluids can be gases or liquids which is dependent upon the industry using the heat exchangers.
Shell and tube heat exchangers are used for various applications based on the needs and requirements of the industry. They can also include a variety of variations based upon the specific needs of the industry. Do you think shell and tube heat exchangers have many uses in the industry?
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