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Re: Clogged hose

Postby fredmix » 05 Mar 2019, 12:29

If the hose bends, you can try to shatter this rammed sand by alternately bending the hose in the place where the clogged part ends. At the same time, hold the hose vertically so that the sand is poured out. A "hydro machine" for cleaning sewers can help. Such a machine should be a specialist in plumbing. You will most likely have to change the sewer hose, because the old hose may clog again.
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Re: Clogged hose

Postby egrats » 05 Mar 2019, 15:32

You can also try to fill the hose with water, lower it into water and connect it to a source of water under pressure (up to a sprayer or a barrel raised above the ground). The sand should become fluid and gradually flow out of the hose.
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