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acrylic pool panel?

Postby RomSh » 07 Mar 2019, 08:13

So ive been looking into getting a glass pool fence, but i am coming across a lot of reports of the glass panels exploding,
it was even on A current affair,
so i found a potential alternative which is either Acrylic or Polycarbonate.
My question is am i allowed to use it instead of glass? (according to regulations)
i couldnt find anything online
I have tried calling my local council who said they dont know,
I have tried contacting 2 different certifiers which i have had no response from.
So i am hoping someone here would be able to help me :)
Thanks in advance
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Re: acrylic pool panel?

Postby KiraSmart » 07 Mar 2019, 08:50

I'm not an expert and cannot answer though I googled a little and found a suitable solution for you - . They actually provide acrylic pool panels to match any design and to meet all the needs.
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