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Postby ben_lobster » 08 Apr 2019, 22:56

what's your favourite way of travelling? do you want to try out something new? Share your opinions :D
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Re: Travelling

Postby maxiposik » 09 Apr 2019, 02:19

My favourite is travelling by train. I find it the safest and it's not that strict as by plane. But you can't cross an ocean on it yet :c (Musk, hurry up with the HyperLoop!). I live in Arizona, in Flagstaff. Rail transport is developed here, there's a big transport hub and lots of big companies use it. Check our station From here you can reach a lot of places (Canyon Diablo by train, Grand Canyon by a car, Northern Arizona University is nearby) that's why tourism is developed here too.
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Re: Travelling

Postby KiraSmart » 18 Apr 2019, 11:49

So, my fave way to travel would be by train. Here is why:
- I can walk a little bit if I like, so I don't need to sit all time (like in a plane or car)
- I can observe the landscape (in a plane I nearly don't see any detail as much as in a train)
- trains are pretty fast
- Trains bring me right in the centre of town/city
The resources like Rail Europe are pretty helpful
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