How to change Suddenlink wifi name and password

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How to change Suddenlink wifi name and password

Postby NickJac33018930 » 20 Jun 2019, 10:04

Are you trying to change the name and password of the Suddenlink Wi-Fi device? Here are the solutions to fix:
Are you trying to []change password of Suddenlink Wi-Fi[/url] but unfortunately you have a common error? Under these circumstances, go to the home service configuration offered by a wireless cable modem and a router that connect multiple PCs to the Internet service, while providing an automatic configuration that keeps you protected from unwanted access that causes problems with your PC access.
But do not worry! As the problem can be solved at any time with the help of its technical support engineers, who offer the precise assistance and guidance to solve the problem in a very short period of time. In such cases, a user is always required to follow the steps given by expert technicians who offer an excellent guide to perform the procedure at any time.
Follow the steps on how to change the Wi-Fi name and password:
1. First, start the browser and then visit the SMC management console by typing in the URL bar.
2. The username and password will be displayed on the next page where you enter the previous username and password.
3. Click on the Wireless button on the home page and then click on the settings.
4. Click on the main SSID wireless network connection and then click on the change button.
5. Enter the new name and password in both fields and then click on the Apply button.
6. Restart the Suddenlink Wi-Fi device and then log in with the new name and password changed at the end of the procedure.
If you have any other problem and are looking for the solution, do not worry, since the Suddenlink technical support team is always available to offer you a genuine guide to solve multiple problems in a very short time, day and night.
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