Fix streaming issues on Kodi

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Fix streaming issues on Kodi

Postby MianNumaan » 30 Jun 2019, 22:04

I bought a Amazon Fire TV Box today and set up was very good indeed. A couple of problems (well three actually)

1: TV only had two HDMI ports and I required three (disconnected the recorder for now.

2: BOSE soundbar works with TV and Freesat but not with Amazon Fire so I can only hear via the Toshiba TV. (Help).

3: Can't get ITV Hub to work, I've downloaded it but it then welcomes me to BT Home Hub 5 and nothing else. (Help).

I'm running this via Devolo Powerline extenders and Ethernet cable.
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Re: Fix streaming issues on Kodi

Postby zapultimate » 16 Jul 2019, 02:46

GPS data does not update for Still Images while Connected to a Smartphone using the Self-timer Function sorry i picked the wrong link :(

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