How can children’s book illustrations be different from concept art?

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How can children’s book illustrations be different from concept art?

Postby janeking » 02 Jul 2019, 14:03

Children’s books illustrations can be very diverse. It can have realistic details illustrations to simplified child-like, cartoonish drawings in the book where concept art includes fantasy illustrations, drawings for games, and animations. Children’s books illustrations depends on the story, the age group of the readers and many other factors. They can be very colorful, narrating and containing a visual story which makes it easier for a child to understand the narrative. On the contrary, concept art was first used for Disney as well as in the automotive industry. The illustrator makes several concepts of the same theme from which the client can choose can see different stages, development and the process of illustrations.

The authors of fables and children’s stories hire cheap children’s book illustrators to make new and creative illustrations and pictures depicting the story with colors and images. These illustrations help children in learning new concepts and words with the help of colorful imagery of cute and friendly characters. It is one of the major aspect of a child’s development stage. Do you think concept art and cartoonish illustrations have anything in common?
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Re: How can children’s book illustrations be different from concept art?

Postby dennisP18343874 » 11 Jul 2019, 18:10

The children's stories are very good, my children grew up with the Harry Potter books, If you are a true fan of the Harry Potter saga, you clearly want to have and know everything about books and movies that tell the story of this little boy magician. We have shown you fantastic accessories related to the saga, incredible tattoos that you can make if you are one of the most loyal fans and also the spectacular coloring book that has already been released. About two years ago his school went to Scotland and we went to many places by bus hire edinburgh to take us .. I assure you it was an unforgettable experience

But if your obsession with Harry and his friends is such that it is not enough for you, you have to know the locations of the main places where the films were recorded. These are scattered all over the UK, but this time we will stop only in Scotland, to show you some amazing places that will help you remember the most exciting passages in history and some important milestones related to the book.
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Re: How can children’s book illustrations be different from concept art?

Postby Swayer » 12 Jul 2019, 10:58

This article is very interesting to read. Children's book illustration is any type of bentley maintenance design or embellishing work produced for books specifically intended for young readers. I liked it very much. The content is really good. Children's book illustration and concept art are really different.
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