How to properly view a 360 taken horizontally?

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How to properly view a 360 taken horizontally?

Postby RobdEstrube » 05 Jul 2019, 04:48

Hi All,
I stuck my Theta V out of a train car platform on the end of a pole to shoot a scene on the Whitepass and Yukon RR. The camera orientation was at about 45 degrees. I Got a shot that looks ok ( sadly a bit dark but that's a setting issue ) until I try to play it normally on screen. The rotation is all askew and won't allow me to pan straight horizontally and it always wants to curve and roll off downward. I can't get a normal playback. Is there something I need to know about shooting with the camera horizonal or at an odd angle and then playing it back?

Also, there is a big difference in the way the horizontal original file plays ( badly ) and the way the Photoshopped optimized version ( jpeg) plays: even worse. Does optimizing an image in Photoshop and saving as a jpeg change or lose any of the metadata or instructions for playback?

Thanks for your help, Rob d'Estrube
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Re: How to properly view a 360 taken horizontally?

Postby ChristineDalton » 13 Jul 2019, 13:18

This lone take horizontally circular images, which you can judge by the example pictures underneath. As you can envision, the yield can't be a full display when you just go sideways. In the event that you'd, in any case, prefer to give them a shot for standard roundabout Panos or locate an alright option in contrast to your phone's worked in pano camera, look at them beneath.
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Re: How to properly view a 360 taken horizontally?

Postby tonnyken » 17 Jul 2019, 07:34

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