Bracketing for HDR

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Bracketing for HDR

Postby MaximeDaymard » 08 Jul 2019, 13:19


I'm trying to accomplish HDR in my app. For that, I need to take at least 3 pictures with different exposure from a ThetaV, and I'll do te processing on the software side. If HDR on the camera side, I'm also interested. But I've looked at the API to set different exposures, and I can't make it work :

- Setting option "_function" to "mySetting" returns nothing
- Setting option "_shootingMethod" to "bracket" returns nothing
- Setting option "_autoBracket" to the same as in the doc returns something ok.

But even with autobracket, I still can't make it work. Once autoBracket is set, if I start capturing with "startCapture" it immediatly says it's done, even with 3 brackets.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. Any help would be appreciated, thanks !
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