camera.startCapture doesn't work after _autoBracket

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camera.startCapture doesn't work after _autoBracket

Postby MaximeDaymard » 09 Jul 2019, 10:59

When I take a normal still image I get this as a response :

Code: Select all
  id = 135;
    name = "camera.takePicture";
    progress =     {
        completion = 0;
    state = inProgress;

But when I set "_autoBracket" options with 3 brackets and then call "camera.startCapture", I instantly get this :
Code: Select all
    name = "camera.startCapture";
    state = done;

And the camera keeps taking pictures (I can hear the shutter every second or so) and it never stops. I was expecting to get some progress and only 3 pictures.

What am I doing wrong ? Am I missing something ?
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