What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

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What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby LirikaSkazka » 30 Jul 2019, 07:26

What programming languages ​​will be required in the future? I study in college and we are offered a choice of enhanced study of several programming languages. But what trends in the programming market are hard for me to understand.
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby relina15 » 31 Jul 2019, 02:49

I would call Python, JavaScript and Go. But not by popularity, but by necessity. These three programming languages for which most of the training is now conducted. what language to learn here you need to decide for yourself. learn a programming language a little. Can you then use it somewhere? Well, do not forget that at any time the situation in the programming market may change.
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby pandidurai » 01 Aug 2019, 09:15

Personally I believe JavaScript and Python will be the most popular programming languages in the future. Already we see a huge raise in the popularity of these languages.
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby OslouxRem » 02 Aug 2019, 08:03

The promising language is the python. Now there is a great demand for specialists. I finished the course in Light Academy in March https://light-it.net/blog/light-academy-study-python-to-create-greater-things#1/. It was more for me to learn additional python and new webdesign. After finishing the course, my value on the market increased. My income has increased
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby Acacia38465660 » 06 Aug 2019, 10:31

Thank for your writting! I have read through some similar topics! However, your article gave me a very special impression, unlike other articles. I hope you continue to have valuable articles like this or more to share with everyone!
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby KaitlynJohn18 » 12 Aug 2019, 10:53

I hope it is Javascript and Python why not look here. I am not sure about it. I think in the above comments most of them have supported these two languages. I suggested these languages because I had heard about this in the seminar.
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Re: What programming languages ​​will be in demand?

Postby Betty_30 » 14 Aug 2019, 15:16

Beginning developers need to know what languages to learn and they need to choose the right courses and work on skills that will bring them to the dream job. What are the top programming languages? What is the best programming language to learn?A lot of job analytic platforms make special lists where they discuss the most in-demand programming languages based on current job postings on the job market. It is too important to stay tuned for the latest news in technology and web development trends. Here you can learn the latest trends of web and mobile development: https://computools.com/engineer/

Here you can see the top 5 programming languages according to Indeed (June 2019):
1. Java
2. Python
3. Javascript
4. C++
5. PHP
These languages are predicted to be the future languages of the programming world.
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