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Live Preview with Flutter

Postby David93505285 » 12 Aug 2019, 13:30

Hi! I am trying to build an app that connects to the Ricoh SC camera with flutter. So far, I am able to do basic things like setting the API to v2 or to take pictures. However, i have trouble to obtain the data from the live stream in my app. I am new to flutter and dart and therefore unexperienced with streams and futures.
This is code where I want to obtain the live preview stream:

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void startLivePreview() {

    Future<http.Response> response = _getLivePreview();

    Stream<http.Response> responseStream = response.asStream();

    responseStream.listen((onData) {
      print('\n\nStatuscode stream: ${onData.statusCode}\n\n');
      print('\n\nReceived some data\n\n');
    }, onDone: () {
      print("\n\nStream Done\n\n");
    }, onError: (error) {
      print("\n\nStreaming Error\n\n");
    }).onError((handleError) {
      throw handleError;

static const String postExecute = '/osc/commands/execute';
String jsonGetLivePreview = json.encode({'name': 'camera.getLivePreview', 'parameters': {}});

Future<http.Response> _getLivePreview() =>
      fetchPost(postExecute, jsonGetLivePreview);

Future<http.Response> fetchPost(
      String postCommand, String jsonRequest) async {
    var uri = new Uri.http(_ipAddress, postCommand);

    final response = await, body: jsonRequest);

    if (response.statusCode == 200) {
      print('\nStatuscode: ${response.statusCode}\n\n');
      print('\nResponse: ${response.body}\n\n');
      return response;
    } else {
      print('Statuscode: ${response.statusCode}');
      throw Exception('Failed to load post');

Sometimes I get statuscode 403, sometimes no response at all.
Anybody willing to help me out or show me a working flutter example?
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